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Fox News’ Catherine Herridge Honored With Prestigious Journalism Award

Fox News Chief Intelligence Correspondent Catherine Herridge was honored on Friday with an award for her excellence in journalism, marking the second year in a row that someone from Fox News won the award.
The Congressional Medal of Honor Society awarded Herridge with their annual Tex McCrary Award for excellence in journalism during an awards dinner honoring Medal of Honor recipients in Tampa, Florida.
Fox News anchor Chris Wallace won the award in 2018 and CNN host Jake Tapper won the award in 2014.
“I am honored to accept this award and I am grateful for your recognition of our national security and intelligence reporting at Fox News. I would like to recognize special guests who are here to support me this evening,” Herridge said in her acceptance remarks, according to Fox News. “Cherie Grzech, my direct supervisor and Vice President of the Fox Washington bureau, and politics unit. Senior Producer Cyd Upson, who along with veteran TV journalist Pamela Browne led our 9/11 investigations. And my father William Herridge who traveled from Toronto, Canada. My family background has made national security reporting deeply personal and it has given me a profound respect for the Medal of Honor recipients honored this evening.”
Herridge continued by noting her family’s service in the United States Armed Forces.
“During the first world war, my father’s family proudly served in the Canadian armed forces. His grandmother ran a casualty clearing station in Folkestone, England and later did relief work in Belgium where she was awarded the Croix de Guerre. His father’s sister was a nurse. His uncle along with his father deployed to France and spent three years in the trenches. Another uncle commanded a flotilla of minesweepers in the Adriatic,” Herridge continued. “He would later lose his two sons during World War II within days of each other. At the end of World War I, my grandfather Major William Duncan Herridge served with distinction and was awarded the Distinguished Service Order and Military Cross.”
“My husband is a West Point graduate,” Herridge continued. “When our oldest son Jamie was a toddler, my husband took him to Arlington National Cemetery along with some of his buddies. My husband said they were going to visit friends. Day turned into evening, and about 8 o’clock he returned with Jamie slumped over in the backpack carrier. I asked, ‘where have you been all day?’ and he said ‘we had thirty guys to visit.’ That’s when I realized it was 30 graves – many lost in Afghanistan and Iraq.”
“Tonight, I would especially like to recognize the spouses and the children who also serve when a family member is deployed,” Herridge added. “This week, the medal of honor recipients have taught me even more about public service through the character development program. That inside each one of us is the potential to do great things, it just needs to be ignited.”
“Getting this award has only strengthened my commitment to keep telling the stories about the everyday heroes who make our nation strong, and through their continued public service set the highest of standards,” Herridge concluded. “Thank you.”
Herridge winning the award comes just a week after CNN President Jeff Zucker falsely claimed that Fox News was not a “news organization,” and claimed without evidence that Fox News has “morphed into conspiracy TV.”
Fox News foreign correspondent Trey Yingst fired back at Zucker in a series of tweets, writing: “If you don’t think Fox News is a “journalistic organization,” I’d encourage you to take a look at the work my colleagues have done over the past year. Holding those in power accountable, risking their lives to get the story and reporting the facts. Here are just a few examples…”

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