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Hillary Clinton really, really likes that ‘corrupt human tornado’ line; Here it is again

Hillary Clinton is probably kicking herself for a lot of things, but we imagine one of them is thinking of “corrupt human tornado” after her “What Happened” book had already been published.
We first heard her say it in an interview with People, in which she said she took no joy in supporting President Trump’s impeachment but declaring him a “corrupt human tornado” anyway.
A few days later, she resurrected the line in an interview with Jane Pauley. “It was like … losing to a corrupt human tornado,” she told Pauley, describing her election loss.
It’s been a week or so, so just in case anyone missed it, she tweeted it Monday night.
Did she happen to mention the president is a corrupt human tornado? And did Hillary Clinton actually use the word “corrupt”? Not much self-awareness there.
Everyone in the entire world knows there’s no one more corrupt than you, Hillary.

As Secretary of State, you sold America to the highest bidder. Pay for play. EVERY ONE knows it. (Uranium One, Benghazi, Clinton Foundation)

Save your piety. You’re an evil, corrupt human tsunami.

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Trump says some really dumb things every now and then, but we still shudder at the idea of Hillary being president right now. Let her spend all the time she wants behind that fake resolute desk.
You lost. It would be best for your health to move on. You know... like the organization formed to ignore your husband’s lying under oath when he was actually impeached.

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That’s rich coming from the woman that:

- Sent/Stored Classified Information in an unauthorized manner,

- Deleted over 30,000 emails prior to being investigated,

- Called millions of Americans “deplorable,”

- And failed to protect innocent Americans in Benghazi.

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Let's hope his tornado effect rips through all your criminal activity exposing it to the light of day for all Americans to see😀

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He is definitely a . Especially as he tears through policies and rips Obama’s legacy like a tornado rips the roof off a house.

See Keith B in PA's other Tweets
If you looked up “pot calling the kettle black” in the dictionary, you’d see this tweet.

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“To say you won’t respect the results of the election, that is a direct threat to our democracy.” - Hillary Clinton

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Hillary and daughter Chelsea have a book to push right now, so let’s take bets on if she uses the line again with Stephen Colbert or on “The View.”

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