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IRONY, thy name is Alexandria: AOC jokes about rich people ‘struggling with math’ and OMG we’re officially dead now

MarketWatch produced a chart of sorts proving how expensive it is to live in a metropolitan area, even if you and or your family make a substantial amount of money.
Yup, cities like San Francisco, Chicago, New York … crazy expensive to live there. And for whatever reason, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez felt the need to try and make this into some sort of dunk on the rich.
Which means she missed the entire point of the graph but we digress.
Look at that clapback!

JUUUUUST kidding.
Thinking AOC is the last person who should be making jokes about others ‘struggling with math’.
They would have a lot more left if ya greedy bastards would just cut it with the Taxes already.
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What’s your excuse? We all remember your own housing crisis and apparently you haven’t bothered to pay off your student loans. Irresponsible.
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Ironic you make fun of them making money but you want to milk them dry for other peoples benefit via government handouts. Instead they spend on items that employ people that provide goods & services.
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Well the really going to be struggling when AOC and Bernie Sanders take over, right now they’re ONLY paying $92,000 a year in taxes, that will go up to $150,000 a year as soon as these wack jobs take over.
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No the sharpest tool in the shed, is she?
The struggle is REAL.

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