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Man Accused of Hate Crime for Refusing To Have Sex with Transgender Who Has Male Genitalia

A British transgender model named Ria Cooper has filed a complaint against a man who rescinded an offer of sex and photography, according to Hull Live.
The man, claiming to be a photographer who could help Cooper’s prospective modeling and pornography career, allegedly reached out to Cooper in response to a new glamour portfolio linked on social media.
Cooper claimed that the photographer abruptly ceased contact once he found out that Cooper was transgender.
After resuming the conversation, the man gave his reason for refusing to have sex with Cooper: The model still had male genitalia.
In fact, the photographer allegedly bluntly stated, “you have a c—.”
Cooper compared the act of rescinding the offer to the use of a racial slur.
“This is absolutely f—— disgusting behaviour,” the model said. “No one should be treated like this — this is discriminating and appalling behaviour.”
“This man messaged me saying he wanted to take my picture, have sex with me and film it to make money and then once he found out I was trans he stopped all contact with me.”
Cooper has transitioned between genders multiple times, as discussed in the interview below.
“I am reporting this as a hate crime,” Cooper continued. “It’s like calling someone who is black the ‘N’ word. I doesn’t matter if I have c— or not. The pictures should be judged as they are.”
“It says on my social media profile that I am a ladyboy, I didn’t ever say that I wasn’t and I thought he knew.”
“I want to be a glamour model and a porn star — that’s what I want to do. I don’t think I should be treated like this.”
Treated like what, exactly? How was Cooper treated?
Cooper was treated like a normal person who was turned down for sex. It happens all the time to women, men and transgender people regardless of how they identify.
Instead of sticking to the mantra of “live and let live” and trying to live life as a woman, Cooper is trying to exercise transgender privilege.
In what other demographic would a person be taken seriously if they filed a police report because someone refused to have sex with them? Women? Of course not. Straight men? Laughable.
This may be news to Cooper, but “you have a c—” is a perfectly valid reason to turn down sex. In fact, every reason to turn down sex is a valid reason.
The logic behind Cooper’s argument is woefully simplistic. No one is entitled to someone else’s body.
Imagine a world where Cooper has a legitimate claim to force this man to “live up to his word” and have sex. Such a world is an undesirable dystopia.
Since the police have acknowledged that they have received the complaint and are investigating the incident, it’s only a matter of time until a precedent is set.
Hopefully it’s the right one.