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NY Times helps set the narrative on Durham’s criminal probe (Eric Swalwell, Jerrold Nadler, Rachel Maddow and Laurence Tribe are already ON IT)

The DOJ’s Barr/Durham investigation has reportedly shifted to a criminal inquiry. Here’s how the New York Times set the scene:
The MSM can always be counted on to question the investigators’ motives if those being investigated are Democrats:

Without a shred of evidence, the NYT is feeding the conspiracy theory that Barr and Durham are engaged in a political witch hunt.

The greatest political scandal in the history of our country could soon be exposed and the media is laying the groundwork to defend the perpetrators. https://twitter.com/nytimes/status/1187521412648652800 

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Taking the Times’ lead, Rep. Eric Swalwell and lefty law professor Laurance Tribe were among the first to run with the Times’ alert about “political payback”:
Update: Jerrold Nadler and Rachel Maddow have also joined in:
What a shocker.
Hahahahaha! I KNEW they would play this angle! Dems caught wind that Barr was close to hitting the target so this “Ukrainegate” nonsense was thrown out there to try to get ahead of what’s coming. Classic 😂
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The rest of the MSM will no doubt remain totally predictable and help the Democrats keep that approach going.

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