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Predictable: Liberal Media OUTRAGED After Esteemed Attorney John Yoo Accuses Schiff’s Latest Trump-Hating ‘Witness’ of Espionage (VIDEO)

Never Forget: The only time the Democrat Party supports the US Military is for political gain

On Monday night Laura Ingraham had a panel discussion on Tuesday’s testimony of Alexander Vindman, a no-name operative in the Trump White House who disagrees with President Trump’s Ukrainian policy.
Again, Vindman is testifying today against the president because he does not agree with his Ukrainian policy.
John Yoo, former Assistant Attorney General under President George W. Bush and architect of the ‘torture” memos, joined Laura Ingraham last night and suggested that political operative Vidman might be guilty of ESPIONAGE.
It’s a good point and worth discussing.
Of course the left lost their minds following Yoo’s remarks.
Morning Joe was outraged over the remarks.

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