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‘Racist Watch’ website maps the names and addresses of Trump donors

A company called Public Service Media Group maintains a website called “Racist Watch” which drops pins on a map showing precisely who donated to the Trump campaign.
For the last 4 years, far-left extremist have violently assaulted Trump supporters and their attacks are escalating.

Now an activist group has launched a website called "Racist Watch" that maps out the name and address of every individual who donated to Trump's 2016 campaign.

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Megan Fox reports over at  PJ Media:
Some weirdos have developed a site called “Racist Watch” that identifies the names and locations of all people who have donated to the Trump campaign. I’m sure they intended this so that far left wackos can ostracize their neighbors who like Trump, and possibly protest outside their homes like crazy people.
Look how many are even in deep blue New York City! If anything, people with Trump Derangement Syndrome are going to flip out when they search their neighborhood and find themselves surrounded by “racists.” I think they’re going to need a bigger safe space.

While in the process of writing up an additional report about this, the website went down, and now redirects to this:https://racist.watch 

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The site’s “under maintenance,” but a quick Whois lookup shows that racist.watch was registered on August 17.
All it will take is one unfortunate incident because of their map... As litigious as our culture is, I could see major civil litigation even if criminal charges wouldn't be forthcoming.
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That’s not hard to picture, seeing as the Family Research Council shooter (convicted and sentenced to 25 years in prison after intending to kill “as many as possible”) reportedly found his target on the SPLC’s “Hate Watch” map.

I hope they have a really, really big red pin for my house! I'm spending almost as much money on campaign contributions as I am on guns and ammo!
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  1. There are times when I’m convinced that the Republican Party is a suicidal cult of complete idiots whose only real achievement is figuring out increasingly obscene ways to distract themselves from reality.