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Rep. Ilhan Omar hopes Homes for All legislation will guarantee a home for everyone

Last we’d heard, apartments for the homeless in Los Angeles, which received more than a billion dollars in funding three years ago, have yet to be built, and when they are built, each one will cost more than $500,000.
Democratic candidates so far have promised free health care, free childcare, free college, and more, but one thing we hadn’t heard of was Rep. Ilhan Omar’s upcoming Homes for All legislation, which hopefully will guarantee a home for everyone.
.@IlhanMN: “It is a moral stain on our country that we have half a million or more people facing homelessness ... In few weeks, we are going to introduce our Homes For All legislation, which will, hopefully, guarantee a home for everyone."
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Sure, just legislate housing into existence … and then expect that the homeless are necessarily going to give up living in (and crapping in) the streets and take up domestic living.
As we said up top, the government already did allocate $1.2 billion to build apartments for the homeless. And they’re aren’t any.
Well, she should start with those states and cities run by Dems that have record numbers of homeless like Lost Angeles and San Francisco, and homeless is on the rise in NYC (where money slated for the homeless and mentally ill has been squandered).
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Homes, education, medical care. It’s like the government is our mama and papa. What about puppies? We get one right?
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Start printing money. What do hard working people get from the Dems. Other than a high tax bill I mean.
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I was having a thoughtful conversation about this just the other day.

Housing, by itself, isn't even the main factor in homelessness. It is a multifactorial problem with all kinds of social and economic issues.

Feds can't solve this problem. Never. No way.
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