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Report: Black deputy with 20 years of service forced to resign after wearing Afro wig while directing traffic

Meanwhile, as Virginia’s governor and Canada’s prime minister continue to hold their offices after multiple occasions of wearing blackface, a deputy in DeKalb County says he was forced to resign just days before retirement because he wore an Afro wig with his uniform, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.
Three days before a DeKalb County deputy was set to retire after 20 years with the sheriff’s office, he was forced to resign because of an Afro wig he wore while directing traffic, he said.
[Antonio] Perryman said he wanted to do something a little different for his last few days, so he wore the wig as he directed traffic last week outside the county’s courthouse, Channel 2 reported. He said bystanders took pictures and enjoyed it.
“You know that made me feel a little joyous about that being my last week,” he said.
Apparently the higher-ups didn’t share in his joy and claimed he’d disgraced the uniform. “My plan was to finish with the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office with 20 years of service, and I got robbed from that,” Perryman said.

It sure sounds like it, but he says that he doesn’t expect to miss any pay; what bothers him is that he’ll never be listed as retiring, only resigning.
There’s got to me more to this story. Really? The fro looks great. As much as is going on in DeKalb Co, I think an Afro can be overlooked.
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Looks like a cool toupee to me......Give the man his proper retirement....he deserves it....
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They made this man, who protected the public for nearly 20 years, quit cuz he was just being a goof one day? I hope who ever forced this faces a huge lawsuit.
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