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They can’t DEAL! Joe Scarborough speaks out against ‘booing’ Trump at World Series game and causes MASSIVE Lefty meltdown

Joe Scarborough came out against the yahoos who booed the president during Game 5 of the World Series last night. Seems even ol’ Joe has figured out that a handful of Americans acting like unhinged lunatics at a baseball game doesn’t exactly paint the best picture of this country.
"We are Americans and we do not do that. We do not want the world hearing us chant 'Lock him up' to this president or to any president." -- @JoeNBC
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Whoa, Joe acting like an adult? Alert the media.
You can probably guess how the Left reacted to this though:
@Morning_Joe i disagree with your ascertion that chanting “lock him up” was unamerican -It was the sound of Americans crying for freedom.
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There ya’ go.
Sorry Joe, he needed to hear that. He lives in a bubble. Surrounded by sycophants and Fox news. He needs to know the American public is fed up with him.
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Sure, it’s Trump who lives in a bubble.
I disagree. We may be better off if the rest of the world gets the message that a lot of us do NOT support the psycho in chief.
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Psycho in Chief.
Yeah Joe! They have important stuff to prove … hoo boy.
People are frustrated. They feel their voices are not heard. He’s getting away with so much with no consequences. This was their way, as Americans, to let him know WE are NOT happy
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Well, a lot of us actually are happy but whatever makes this guy feel better.
Personally I want the world to hear it loud and clear. I want the world to know that there are a lot of us who see Trump as an affront to everything this country is supposed to stand for. I want the world to know we'll resume normal operations soon.
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They want the world to know they’re a bunch of big babies who can’t accept the results of an election.
We've been lied to and have had the wool pulled over our eyes by this administration. Intentionally deceived, with lies everyday. He has embarrassed our country and forefathers. He deserved to be booed, we voted, that motherfolker cheated and is corrupt AF.
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Remember when AOC said it was more important to be morally correct than factually correct?
I think we want the world to know we have freedom of speech and that booing the president is not gonna get our heads bashed in as if we are Hong Kong protestors.
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Watching these folks babble about freedom of speech, this is adorable.
Do they really think we haven’t heard them shrieking and screeching about him since 2016?
Sorry, "we do not" typically have a lawless president and a single enabling party. Some norms will have to be suspended until he is gone. Bet Germany wishes it had the nerve in the 1930's to do a little chanting.
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Hitler reference.
So damn predictable.
I thought you were done enabling the criminal? Or are you gearing up for more subtle normalization in 2020?
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Which is why they really shouldn’t try and pander to this crowd in the first place but hey, what do we know?

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