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Toddler left asking 'when is mummy coming home?' after mother killed when suicidal drug dealer drove into her

A toddler whose mother was killed by a suicidal drug dealer who deliberately drove head-on into her car has been left asking when her mummy is coming home, a court heard.
Kate Jaworski-Green suffered horrific injuries when Jordan Howlett ploughed into her car as he tried to kill himself while high on drugs.
The 24-year-old drug addict and dealer had deliberately crashed his BMW twice in the early hours of January 27 last year before hitting the 33-year-old married mum in Wakefield just before 7am.
Ms Jaworski-Green died in hospital two years later after her family had to decide to have her lift support machine turned off - leaving behind a two-year-old daughter.
Howlett, of Queen Elizabeth Drive, Normanton, was jailed for ten years and eight months after pleading guilty to manslaughter at Leeds Crown Court. 
Ms Jaworski-Green’s father Paul told the court that her daughter Lydia still asked when her mummy was coming home.
“Lydia said that when mummy has her car fixed she can come home,” he said. “It appears that Lydia thinks that one day mummy will come home.” 
The court heard that Howlett had spent the night at a party in Leeds where he drank large amounts of alcohol and took crack cocaine before getting into his BMW, telling friends he wanted to kill himself.
In a phone call before the crash with Ms Jaworski-Green, he told a friend he had crashed twice already and wanted to do it 'properly', going on to hit her Kia at 80mph.
Jordan Howlett, 24, was addicted to crack cocaine and told friends he wanted to take his own life (Picture: SWNS)
Jordan Howlett, 24, was addicted to crack cocaine and told friends he wanted to take his own life (Picture: SWNS)
Howlett was originally charged with murder but denied any responsibility until he was due to go on trial this week.
Sentencing him, Mr Justice Butcher said: "Your entirely selfish, inhumane and irresponsible actions ended that life and caused the pain and grief to Kate's family."
Prosecutor Richard Wright QC told the court Howlett had become addicted to crack cocaine months before the incident, taking it despite it causing him episodes of “crushing depression” and had begun to sell the drug to fund his habit.
The court heard that Howlett, who asked a member of the public to hide his drugs as he was left trapped in his car after the crash, also suffered serious injuries but was discharged from hospital nine days later.
Nick Johnson QC, mitigating, said: "There was a genuine desire in that moment to take his own life.”
He added that Howlett had been "family-oriented" and hard-working before developing a drug addiction.

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