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UH OH! CNN’s getting ratio’d into oblivion for spotlighting 5 Dem freshman congresswomen who ‘changed history’ (guess who’s NOT included)

Boy, CNN really stepped in it with a tweet about five Dems who have been “leaders” on impeaching President Trump:
Hmm, there are a few we can think of that fall into the “not pictured” category. The lefty backlash was swift and massive:
When you decide to pander to the "woke" crowd, you will eventually be eaten by your own.

CNN learning this lesson by ratio this morning.

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That’s abundantly clear. Pass that popcorn!
Here’s just a sampling of the Resistance backlash CNN’s hearing:
So ridiculous. Here are better impeachment headline ideas:

"Leading the charge: How Maxine Waters and Al Green were so right so early"

"The Squad: How four freshmen congresswomen of color were vindicated after enduring doubts from their own party and vicious abuse from the GOP" https://twitter.com/CNNnewsroom/status/1177968132188774400 

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The story gives these women credit for leading impeachment when in fact they were late in the game followers. If not for the work of women of color, there would have been no impeachment movement for them to glom onto, a fact this story seems to forget.

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Yeah this is trash. The “loudest voice in the room” we know what you’re trying to say

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This is disrespectful to the freshman congresswomen who were actual leaders on impeachment. This is disrespectful to the congresswoman who was the 1st & maintained her call for impeachment, despite the slings & arrows from her own party.

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Enjoy the backlash, CNN.

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