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Apple Plans To Replace Standard Family Emoji with Nonbinary People

At first, the LGBT movement assured the nation it only wanted rights — the right to marry, to work without discrimination and to enjoy the same life as everyone else.
The biggest wake-up call should have been the LGBT attacks on Christian bakeries. In only a few short decades, the movement went from meekly asking for rights to demanding everyone else accept and rejoice in their lifestyle.
Now, tech giant Apple seems to be going along with the agenda as well. Instead of representation, the liberal company is now opting to outright replace the traditional family.
In the new iOS 13.2 update for iPhones, the company added a progressive third nonbinary option to many of the existing emojis. As for the man, woman and child seen smiling in the standard “family” emoji, things aren’t looking too great.
On updated Apple products, the couple will now be represented by two androgynous people with no distinct gender. The young boy also appears to have undergone a makeover (or perhaps a few rounds of hormone blockers). 
Changed in iOS 13.2: 👪 Family now displays two adults and one child - all with an ambiguous / gender inclusive appearance - instead of showing with the same design as 👨‍👩‍👦 Family: Man, Woman, Boy https://emojipedia.org/family/ 
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The traditional family emoji will live on, but as “family: man, woman, boy,” according to Emojipedia.
This goes along with Apple’s suite of other family options, including gay parents, lesbian parents and multiple children.
While Google also appears to have embraced the “wokeness” of the nuclear family’s destruction, several other companies have kept the traditional man, woman and child as the representation of a standard family.
Users with Microsoft and Samsung devices will still see a regular family when viewing the emoji.
Facebook and Twitter’s native emojis also reflect the traditional man, woman and child.
It’s unclear whether these companies will continue to hold the line or whether they will change their representation of the family at the first sign of leftist outrage.
Like with Masterpiece Cakeshop, the message in this emoji change is clear. 
You’re allowed to exist, but it has to be in the context of an inclusive and progressive world. Sure, you can make a living by baking cakes, but you’re expected to bake any cake requested regardless of how it conflicts with your personal beliefs.
You can also send the standard family emoji. If you’re using an updated iPhone however, don’t expect it to represent a bigoted and hateful representation of love.

The destruction of the traditional family isn’t just happening on movie screens and magazine covers; the theater of war covers every facet of American life, from the biggest blockbusters down to the smallest emoji.

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