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‘Calm down’! Gavin Newsom’s warning to Mitch McConnell after KY gov election hits some reality snags

In Kentucky, for the moment it’s looking like the Democrats will have a narrow victory in the state’s gubernatorial election (though there could be a recount because of the 5,000 vote margin). If that tally stands, California Gov. Gavin Newsom served up a warning to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell:
Really? First of all…

McConnell’s kept his Senate seat through previous Democrat governorships, so the latest election might not represent the threat to McConnell that Newsom hopes it is.
He is. Perhaps for a break from reality closer to home.

Newsom would be wise to worry about his own state before trying to get snarky about somebody else’s.

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  1. ...come February 3rd...Governor "Guido" Newsom will be out as California Governor, so blow it out your butt Guido. The recall effort already has 1 million signatures and all we need by is 1.5 million by February 3rd. Goodbye Guido. I hope you go to prison.