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KEN STARR: Secret Nature of Schiff’s Impeachment Proceedings Is Unprecedented, It’s Quite Wrong and It’s Unfair to American People

Former Independent Counsel Ken Starr joined America’s Newsroom on Monday morning to discuss the Democrat’s closed door secret basement hearings on impeachment of President Donald Trump. 
Democrats passed the Schiff Empowerment Act last Thursday that gives crooked liar Adam Schiff all power over the impeachment proceedings of Donald Trump.
Ken Starr correctly called out the unprecedented closed door tactics used by Democrats.
Ken Starr: One of the good things about courts is the public gets to come in. You clear security, you get to go in. It’s open to the public. What we’re dealing with here are questions about the legitimacy and appropriateness of this resolution passed last week that continues the process. At least this week it looks as if it’s going to continue for these to be closed door hearings. That’s the fundamental problem. The closed door nature of an impeachment inquiry is unprecedented, that’s undisputed. But I think it’s also quite wrong and it’s unfair to the American people. We need to see these witnesses.
Democrats can’t show the hearings or they will lose the American public.
They have no case and all of their top “witnesses” to the non-crime are deep state hacks and committed leftists.

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