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Nunes Calls Out Media as 'Puppets of the Democratic Party' To Kick Off Second Week of Impeachment Hearings

Liberals love to brag about “speaking truth to power.”
As the House “impeachment inquiry” hearings opened Tuesday on Capitol Hill, Republican Rep. Devin Nunes showed them how it’s done.
He didn’t waste time attacking House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff — the ringmaster of the Democrats’ impeachment circus is obnoxiously impervious to questions about his missing integrity.
And Nunes didn’t directly attack the testimony of the witnesses who have testified so far — he simply made clear that it was purely subjective.
But he did hit the mainstream media and its biased, distorted coverage of the issue — and he hit hard.
Check it out here.
Addressing his words to “the American people,” Nunes highlighted the difference between what actually took place at last week’s hearings and how those events were portrayed in most of the coverage.
The witnesses who testified, Nunes said, were career government employees who had a difference of opinion with President Donald Trump’s administration about American policy in Ukraine.
Those differences are not that unusual — it would probably be impossible for every career diplomat for a democratic government to agree with every administration on every question. But since the president is the one elected by the American people to set policy, those differences are largely irrelevant.
But that’s not how it came across, Nunes said.
“What you read in the press were accounts of shocking, damning and explosive testimony that fully supports the Democrats’ accusations,” he said, the contempt clear in his voice.
“If these accounts have a familiar ring, it’s because this is the same preposterous reporting the media offered for three years on the Russian hoax.”
Nunes then recounted a series of headlines about the investigation by former special counsel Robert Mueller from mainstream outlets with notorious anti-Trump leanings — like CNN and The New York Times — and outrageously liberal sites, like BuzzFeed, which are somehow considered to be legitimate news outlets. (Maybe it’s the establishment’s gratitude for BuzzFeed’s decision to publish the utterly debunked “Steele Dossier” just before Trump’s inauguration that explains it.)

Then Nunes — who is no stranger to playing D.C. hardball — really got down to it.
“There was no objectivity or fairness in the media’s Russia stories. Just a fevered rush to tarnish and remove a president who refuses to pretend that the media are something different from what they really are: Puppets of the Democratic Party.
“For their biased misreporting on the Russia hoax, the media lost confidence of millions of Americans. And because they refuse to acknowledge how badly they botched the story, they’ve learned no lessons and simply expect Americans will believe them as they try to stoke yet another partisan frenzy.”
Now, to many conservatives, what Nunes was saying was no more remarkable than that water is wet.
Of course the media is biased. And of course the American people are getting the news through a filter.
But Nunes was laying down a marker.
He knows full well that the mainstream New York Times/CNN type media aren’t interested in presenting a balanced view of proceedings in the Capitol.
But he also knows the attention the hearings are getting gave him a unique opportunity to call fraud out in a venue where Americans would see it.
There’s no doubt the media is one of the most powerful forces in the country today. And there’s no doubt that that overwhelming power is at the command of Democratic politicians.
But Devin Nunes got a chance to speak truth to that power on Tuesday — and he made it count.

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