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Police chief, female gun owner, gun rights advocate — all in Detroit —say law-abiding citizens are much safer when carrying firearms

Like any major U.S. city, Detroit suffers more than its fair share of violent crime.
But a few folks in the Motor City — and way more than just them actually — advocate for law-abiding citizens not only owning guns, but carrying them.
Tucker Carlson's segment on Fox News earlier this week began with a private citizen named Alaina Gonville who carries her Glock with her all the time for protection.

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Gonville shared with the cable network that she was the victim of an armed carjacking — and got shot in the arm for her troubles — but the fact that she was carrying probably saved her life.

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'They had an AK, and I had my Glock, and it went down'

"They had an AK, and I had my Glock, and it went down," she told Fox News. "They saw a pretty girl with pink lipstick, and they just thought that they could get me — and surprise, surprise."

Cops never caught her attackers, and Gonville said police aren't always around or get to crime scenes until after the deed is done. So she carries.

Detroit Police Chief James Craig — a longtime concealed-carry supporter — agreed.

'If the citizen is armed, they have a better opportunity of staying alive then if they weren't'

"It only takes a minute or less for violence to happen, and it's over," he told the cable network, adding that "if the citizen is armed, they have a better opportunity of staying alive than if they weren't."

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To be legally armed in Detroit, all you need to do is take a class and pass a background check, Fox News said — and in Wayne County where Detroit is situated, nearly one in every 10 residents has a carry permit.
Gonville took her class with Rick Ector, who runs gun rights group Legally Armed in Detroit and has helped thousands of women get their carry permits, the cable network said.

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Criminals are 'usually looking for those who they believe are defenseless'

And Craig is all for it, emphasizing that "when criminals prey and look for victims, they're usually looking for those who they believe are defenseless. We're talking about women, we're talking about the elderly."

Gonville told Fox News that if guns were deemed illegal, "people would still carry. My dad always said, 'I'd rather be judged by 12 than carried by six."

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  1. Sadly, chiefs and sheriffs like James Craig and very much in the minority when it comes to the Second Amendment.