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Shocking moment mothers brawl on the ground in front of screaming children outside primary school in foul-mouthed row over 'bullying'

Two mothers had to be pulled apart by other parents when they started fighting in front of terrified children in shocking scenes outside a primary school.
The women ended up brawling on the ground after one accused the other of 'bullying' near the entrance to Carr Infant School in York on Tuesday morning.
The fight broke out after a woman with long blonde hair - initially holding a toddler - claimed her rival had been 'bullying' somebody else and dared her to try and 'f****** bully me'.

Footage shows the mothers yank at each other's hair before falling to the ground in a heap. 
During the brawl they appeared to knock a little girl off her bicycle before other parents rushed to separate the women. 
The school said police are investigating and described the incident as 'serious'.
Video filmed by an onlooker was shared anonymously on social media last night and has since gone viral.
It shows the woman with blonde hair repeatedly tell her rival - seen wearing a black coat - to 'grow up' but she is told to 'shut up'.
The first woman says: 'Grow your f****** mouth up and shut the f*** up, you silly b****.'
The second woman points out her rival has a toddler in her arms but she replies: 'I don't care. You've got kids around ya. Shut your mouth.'
When she responds to say she is not the one swearing, the first woman screams in her face: 'Shut your f****** mouth. Shut your f****** mouth before I f******…'
She then hands the toddler to somebody else and squares up to the second woman, saying: 'I ain't got a kid in my hand now. Go on, I don't give a f***.'
Her rival points to a pushchair and says 'my kid's there' before the other woman screams: 'Leave her alone. You're a bully. So f****** bully me, ya stupid cow, go on.'
The pair then start fighting, pulling at each other's hair furiously - and as they fall to the ground, they appear to knock a small child off their bicycle.
The girl's father sees it happen and rushes over, shouting: 'Whoa, whoa, whoa, my child's there.'
He quickly takes the girl out of harm's way as the women continue to wrestle on the floor before other parents eventually separate them.
After the fight, the first woman calls her rival a 'silly b****' and says 'leave her alone' before the footage cuts out.
In a statement on its Facebook page last night, a Carr Infant School spokesman said: 'This incident is serious and the police are involved and have asked that anyone who has seen the video/has access to it on Facebook report it as inappropriate content as the video needs to be removed.' 
A North Yorkshire Police spokeswoman said: 'Police were called to a report of an incident on Ostman Road, York, on the morning of 19 November. 
'A 23-year-old woman was arrested and subsequently charged with a public order offence.'
The woman is due to appear before magistrates in York on December 12. 

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