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‘Westworld’ Actor Jeffrey Wright Compares Trump To Charles Manson

President Donald Trump shares similarities to a psychotic cult leader who inspired the murder of innocent people, according to “Westworld” actor Jeffrey Wright.
In a series of tweets on Thursday, Wright shared a video of Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) blasting Democrats and the media as a cult in their pursuit of impeaching Donald Trump. Wright then followed up with a picture of the president beside a picture of Charles Manson.
“Happy Halloween, I guess, folks,” Wright said in the tweet.
The original video featured Nunes presenting a substantive argument about how Democrats have no evidence to impeach President Trump, which Wright seemed poised not to address.
“But they have no evidence and no argument to support impeachment. All they have is the unconditional cooperation of the media to advance their preposterous narrative,” said Nunes.  “If they had a real case, they wouldn’t be wasting time spoon-feeding ridiculous attacks that include defamation and slander on both current and former staff on the Intelligence Committee.”
“What we’re seeing among Democrats on the Intelligence Committee down in the SCIF right now is like a cult,” Nunes continued. “These are a group of people loyally following their leader as he bounces from one outlandish conspiracy theory to another. And the media are the cult followers.”
Actor Jeffrey Wright has practically become an anti-Trump staple, a celebrity who frequently blasts the president in no uncertain terms at whatever opportunity. He perhaps reached a nadir when he told conservatives that they better duck once Democrats get power again.
“Message from the [GOP]: There are no principles — not ethical, moral, legal, constitutional, religious, spiritual — NONE. There’s only power. And when we get the power, everybody else f***ing duck. Lesson for everybody else: Get the power,” he tweeted.
The actions of the Democratic Party this week seem to reflect that mindset, given that no House Republicans voted for the resolution to set procedures for Trump’s impeachment inquiry.
Alas, Jeffrey Wright was not alone among Hollywood types celebrating the vote. “Watching the [R]epublicans lie to us — so pathetic — ‘obsessed with impeachment’ — no sir — obsessed with truth — Trump deserves impeachment — and these bozos — Jordan please,” tweeted Rosie O’Donnell.
“Though I’m relieved that the impeachment approval has passed, I am still amazed and appalled that not one GOP rep had the integrity to vote for it when the evidence of guilt is so clear. By the POTUS’s own admission, no less,” tweeted former “Seinfeld” star Jason Alexander.
“Republican shennaigins are performed soley for potus and his base who will vote for him NO MATTER WHAT. Let us stop reacting and responding and get on with it, shall we?” tweeted actress Jane Lynch.
While Hollywood celebrates the move toward impeachment of President Trump, Republicans are warning of the consequences it could reap. Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) said it could spark another civil war.

“They want it to be a one-sided non-due process sham court and it’s about to push this country to a civil war if they were to get their wishes,” said Gohmert on the House floor. “And if there’s one thing I don’t want to see in my lifetime, I don’t want to ever have participation in, it’s a civil war. Some historian, I don’t remember who, said, ‘guns are only involved in the last phase of a civil war.'”

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