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Found Footage: Dems' 'Expert Witness' Admits Deep-Seated Hatred of Trump

One of the Democrats’ so-called expert witnesses disliked President Donald Trump long before the Ukraine phone call that is now the subject of the impeachment inquiry against him.
Rediscovered footage shows Stanford Law School professor Pamela Karlan at the 2017 American Constitution Society National Convention explaining just how far her hatred of Trump goes.
Karlan chairs the ACS board of directors, where she uses her elitist law background to push her viewpoints to the nation.
“I came in from the airport yesterday and I got off the bus from Dulles down at L’Enfant Plaza and I walked up to the hotel,” Karlan said at the convention, “and I was walking past what used to be the old post office building and is now the Trump Hotel.”
“I had to cross the street of course.”
When a fellow panelist asked if she was staying there, Karlan had a stark reply.
“God no,” she said to laughs from the audience. “Never.”
Watch the exchange below.
The law professor Democrats invited to provide obviously objective and fair analysis at today's impeachment hearing once explained how she had to cross the street rather than simply walking by the Trump hotel.

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Let that sink in: Karlan’s hatred for the president is so deep-seated that she refused to even walk by a hotel that shares his name.
Considering Karlan’s behavior at the impeachment inquiry hearing Wednesday, it doesn’t appear that the law scholar has warmed up to Trump since her snide comments years ago.
She argued that Trump committed impeachable offenses and testified that he should be removed from office.
Karlan even saw fit to take a shot at Trump’s young son Barron, sending snickers through the ranks of Democrats at the hearing.
Despite the juvenile behavior, Democrats applauded Karlan for her scholarly and totally serious views on the grave matter of impeachment.

Of course, Karlan doesn’t seem to be against Trump for nothing. The Stanford professor has a horse in the 2020 race in the form of Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, a presidential candidate to whose campaign she once donated.
Don’t be fooled like many Democrats were; this “expert witness,” along with the three others who joined her Wednesday in front of the House Judiciary Committee, didn’t have a single firsthand fact about the investigation.
These so-called witnesses, save for one who trashed the entire impeachment attempt against Trump, were there only to express their own personal bias against the president under the guise of legal advice to the committee members.

For many on the left, Trump has been guilty since the first day he set foot in the White House. Now all that remains is to land on what his crimes were.

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  1. But "Barron cannot be a baron" was her best line! Always applauded by her clique every time she used it.