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Joe Biden Falsely Claims He Found GOP Votes For Obamacare (VIDEO)

2020 Democrat front runner Joe Biden falsely claimed on Friday that he found GOP votes for Obamacare. 
The final bill to pass Obamacare was passed with ONLY Democrat votes, not one Republican lawmaker in the House or Senate voted in favor of Obamacare.
Grandpa Joe is either losing his mind and confused, or he is lying his face off.
“Who is it going to be to take these things on and get these things passed?” Biden said to a small crowd in Texas on Friday.
“We need someone with proven ability to bring people together and do the hard work of getting legislation passed!” he said. “I’ve done that! I’ve done that before — finding Republican votes for the Recovery Act, Obamacare, helping keep us from falling into a great depression.”
After nearly 50 years in government all Joe Biden has done is enrich himself and his drug addict son Hunter with pay-to-play schemes involving foreign countries.

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