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Man on parole for robbery allegedly tries carjacking vehicle with three kids inside. But their parents have other plans.

A man on parole for robbery allegedly tried to carjack a vehicle Sunday afternoon in Stockton, California, while three children — including a 5-month-old — were inside the car, KXTV-TV reported.

But their parents weren't about to let that happen, the station said.

What went down?

The mother told police she was sitting in the vehicle with her three children — her other two kids are 11 and 6 years old — when the suspect, 22-year-old Elijah Cervantes, opened one of the car doors and tried to climb into the driver's seat, KXTV said.
So she told police she started to fight with Cervantes and honked the horn repeatedly to get the attention of her husband and others nearby, the station said.
Video of the incident shows the suspect — who was shirtless and barely keeping his pants on — being dragged out of the vehicle's front seat and landing on the concrete.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Witnesses told police the husband subdued the suspect while numerous good Samaritans came over to help to keep him on the ground until police arrived, KXTV said.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Image source: YouTube screenshot

"[The mother] decided to fight the suspect, and she also did something very good: She honked the horn," Stockton Police Officer Joe Silva told KTXL-TV. "And that alerted not only her husband but a couple of good Samaritans that also came over to the vehicle and helped out the husband by holding down the suspect."

What happened to the suspect?

Cervantes was arrested on suspicion of attempted carjacking, willful cruelty to a child, and battery, as well as a parole violation, the Record reported. During his arrest, police learned Cervantes was on parole for robbery, KXTV said.

Image source: Stockton police

He was transported to an area hospital to be medically cleared for unspecified injuries before being booked into jail, the Record said, citing a police report.
Police believe Cervantes was intoxicated during the incident, KTXL said, adding that the family in the car was unharmed.

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