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Members Of Exclusive Women’s Club Outraged When Men Are Admitted: ‘Losers,’ ‘Cucked Boyfriends’

Women who frequent an exclusive women’s club that has 11,000 members worldwide and another 35,000 on its waiting list are showing their irritation because men have been admitted, with some members referring to the men as “losers,” “cucked boyfriends,” or men who displayed a “classic patriarchal entitlement complex.”
The Wing, which was founded in 2016, vowing it was a women-only space, found it was the target of a $12 million discrimination lawsuit filed by 53-year-old James Pietrangelo in 2018. Pietrangelo alleged that when he applied for membership, he was informed his application would be rejected because he is a man, while one staff member said his would be continuously deferred.
The New York Post reported that The Wing didn’t have an official membership policy, thus Pietrangelo’s lawsuit accompanied by a 2018 investigation of The Wing by the New York City Commission on Human Rights triggered the organization to issue a membership policy that stated, “The Wing is a space designed for women with a women’s-focused mission. Members and guests are welcome regardless of their perceived gender or gender identity. Recognizing that gender identity is not always consistent with someone’s sex assigned at birth, we do not ask members or guests to self-identify.” 
The Wing has nine locations around the world, including one in London; the Daily Mail wrote, “Users pay up to $250-a-month for access to all clubhouses, along with facilities including lactation rooms, phone booths named after feminist icons, and work spaces heated to the female-friendly temperature of 72F – warmer than most offices.”
The Post noted, “The problem, multiple members have told The Post, is that the men physically take up too much space with their bigger bodies and belongings. They hog the phone booths. And they aren’t respectful of some of the rules, ignoring the four-hour cap on guest visits and bringing in outside food. While they aren’t using the members-only changing rooms and showers (yet), they are in the guest bathrooms.”
The Post quoted various members of the club taking umbrage with the idea of men visiting there. Here are some samples below:
At first it was jarring. It started about a year ago and it’s getting worse. A guy even checked me out a few weeks ago. The whole purpose of the space is to not have to deal with anything like that.
I think they’re just losers or cucked boyfriends. It’s a legal fluke.
It’s just annoying. Why do men need to be there? Why can’t they respect the spirit of the place? Men have to have everything.
There’s usually at least one [man] whenever I visit. It’s bizarre to choose to occupy a space women specifically wanted for themselves. Classic patriarchal entitlement complex.
I think it’s members bringing in men for investor meetings. Here, everyone is in [venture capital], and men still hold all the money and power. These women are trying to fund their businesses. 
Some of the guests The Wing has hosted for intimate talks with their members have included Hillary Clinton, Rep.Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, and Jennifer Lawrence.

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