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Far-left Philly mayor appoints first transgender woman of color to run his LGBT Affairs office

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney on Tuesday appointed the first-ever transgender woman of color to run his Office of LGBT Affairs, KYW-AM reported.

What are the details?

Celena Morrison — slated to start as executive director in March — will "drive the city's LGBT policy and community engagement and educate and advise the mayor's office and the city about the needs of LGBT individuals at work, in the community and beyond," the station said. 
"While Philadelphia is known as a progressive, LGBTQ-friendly city, we still have work to do," Kenney said in a statement. "I look forward to working with Celena to build a more inclusive city for our residents."
Morrison added to the station that being transgender and black will be an asset when it comes to the job's demands of dealing with issues of race and gender.
"Trans folks are not being accepted," Morrison told KYW. "They are not accepted within the LGBT community. They are also not accepted within the black community. That double marginalization calls for a different type of support."
The North Carolina native has been a "progressive LGBT advocate in Philadelphia for a decade," the station reported, adding that Morrison was director of programs at William Way LGBT Community Center for two years and began serving on the Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations in 2018.
Here's a brief clip of Morrison from 2017:



  1. How dare the city force the taxpayers to pay for the dept.of weirdness? This is forced acceptance of a lifestyle that flies right in the face of normalcy. And we are supposed to pay for this? This is all George Soros and his U.N. agendas to limit global population and further divide and weaken normal people.

  2. Dividing and enslaving the population is accomplished through the practice of religion. I don't have an imaginary friend that forgives me for what I do to real people. My obligation to my fellow Americans is
    the Declaration of Independence. The pentagon/national guard pledge their permanent service to the British Empire NATO U.N. HEROIN MAFIA.
    They are traitors. The physical reality of sexual organs determines our gender. Sexual preference has nothing to do with gender.
    Nobody is gay or straight. You only have two choices for sexual partners. That is a biological fact. The pharmaceutical industry is selling gender identity as a product and demanding public funding.
    The Bible is a sick racist cult of stone age degenerate murder.
    Those who believe do not know. Those who know do not believe.
    Belief is not knowledge. Knowledge requires direct experience and rational thought of induction and deduction. Belief is submission to lies.