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How Awful: Kellyanne Conway Harassed by Intolerant FOX News Hacks (VIDEO)

FOX News was once the channel of choice by American conservatives.
But once Donald Trump ran for office everything changed.
Several FOX News elites trashed and scoffed at Donald Trump and his ‘dangerous’ rhetoric.
Many of those same Never-Trumpers still have prominent positions at FOX News.
And despite their best attempts they are not hiding anything.
They still detest Trump and his supporters.
On Tuesday night Counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway went on FOX News to discuss the first day of the Senate Impeachment Trial.
It was evident this panel was not on her side.
Chris Wallace began parroting the liberal talking points that President Trump did not give US aid to Ukraine quick enough.
It really was unbelievable.
Kellyanne Conway was perfection.

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