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Behar Admits She's Falling Apart After Acquittal, Says ‘I’m Crazy,' Trump’s Winning, 'I’m Getting Nuttier’

President Donald Trump may have been a billionaire real estate mogul before ever foraying into national politics, but it certainly is hard to believe the man ever owned more real estate than he does now.
Such a shame the majority of Trump’s largest recent acquisitions were all made in the uninhabitable space between the ears of progressive activists, pundits and cultural personalities.
But perhaps Trump knows something about the value of all that real estate that we do not because, after being acquitted Wednesday by the U.S. Senate on both impeachment charges leveled against him, the president went all in on a fistful of new properties — the most notable of which is situated right smack in the center of Joy Behar’s prefrontal cortex.
Seemingly in the works for nearly three years now, Behar finally confirmed Trump’s rent-free acquisition of the property Friday on ABC’s “The View,” admitting the president’s celebratory acquittal news conference had driven her to drink.
“By the way, acquitted doesn’t mean you didn’t commit a crime,” Behar railed, shaking her head dramatically as the panel opened up for discussion.
“Three words: O. J. Simpson.”
Pausing for a moment, the host went on to yank an unknown object from her ear.
“Is that your earpiece?” conservative co-host Meghan McCain asked.
“I’m crazy today. I’m crazy today,” Behar said. “He’s made me crazy this week. I mean, I’m really getting — he’s winning, because I’m getting nuttier and nuttier.”
“This weekend, I’m not watching the news. I’m not go– I’m turning it off,” the host added.
“I’m going to get a massage and I’m going to … drink.”
And assuredly, the only thing more uncomfortable than reasonable members of the audience hearing that statement was the forced laugh that followed from McCain.
I mean, really?
All this over one good day for a man you hardly know and deeply dislike?
Pres. Trump: "Now we have that gorgeous word. I never thought a word would sound so good. It's called 'total acquittal.'" https://abcn.ws/2S7DbNj 
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President Donald Trump apologized to his family for having to go through a ‘phony, rotten deal,’ in a speech celebrating his acquittal on impeachment charges at the White House https://reut.rs/3866Qfi 
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The words of the president’s admittedly meandering, hour-long news conference were hardly anything to be upset over.
Heck, they were relatively tame for Trump, given the circumstances.
To be spoken of with condescension, dishonesty and disdain round-the-clock on almost every news station and at every political event for months on end is frankly unimaginable.
And to step up to the podium afterward to celebrate your legal innocence and apologize to your family for what they have been forced to go through by your side? That’s downright classy.
It is far better than I would likely have done — and it certainly is not the Corleone-esque “revenge tour” Behar made it out to be.
That’s just the anger talking.
And as McCain rightly pointed out, distaste for a person so deep-seated that their successes drive you crazy cannot be healthy.

In fact, it is a tremendous indicator you may have some things to work out with your priest, pastor or therapist.

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