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CONFIDENCE: Record Number of GOP Candidates File For Congress 2020

Determined to capitalize on the Democratic party’s lurch toward socialism, more Republicans than any time in history have filed federal paperwork to run for either the U.S. House of Representatives or the U.S. Senate.
In 2018, the surge in applications came from the Democratic side of the ledger, but for the 2020 election, the surge is coming from the GOP. As Fox Newsnotes, “In 2019 alone, 781 Republicans filed federal paperwork to run for the House, the most ever recorded in an odd year at the Federal Election Commission. That’s up from 593 GOP candidates in 2017, when Democrats had an astounding 937 candidates at the same point.”
Fox News added, “The total number of House and Senate candidates reached an off-year record at 1,761, according to the FEC report obtained by Fox News, shattering the 2017 record of 1,739 candidates that was fueled by a wave of Democrats, especially women. This time, based on the latest data, more Republicans are running than Democrats — with 874 total candidates compared with Democrats’ 842.”
Sarah Bryner, research director at the Center for Responsive Politics, told Fox News,“It’s all about enthusiasm driven by the president, both negative and positive. [Republicans] also saw the Democrats do it last cycle. So they know that it is possible. They saw some seats picked off that I think shocked the party and the public. They want to get those back.”
The Atlantic reported in late January of the numerous incumbents stepping down: “In all, 25 GOP House members and four senators are forgoing reelection this year without declaring their candidacy for another office, while just seven Democrats in the House and one in the Senate are retiring outright. The Republican retirements are quickly approaching the level the party saw in 2018, when 28 Republicans retired ahead of the midterms, foreshadowing the blue wave that swept in a Democratic House majority. More could be on the way, as members typically use the holiday recess to discuss their future plans with their family.”
That was recently updated by Ballotpedia, which wrote, “As of February 17, 2020, 36 representatives said they will not seek re-election to their U.S. House seats. 9 Democratic members of the U.S. House. 27 Republican members of the U.S. House.”
U.S. veteran Sean Parnell, who is challenging incumbent Pennsylvania Rep. Conor Lamb, explained, “There’s momentum on our side for sure. This is the national bellwether race. For Republicans to take back the House, we’ve got to win PA-17 and for Trump to win the state of Pennsylvania like he did in 2016, he has to win PA-17 … This is the first time in American history, where the president was impeached and he’s going to be on the ballot. The GOP turnout is going to be through the roof this election cycle. Everywhere we go, people are excited to vote.”
Another GOP candidate, Marjorie Greene from Georgia, echoed, “I’m tired of seeing my president attacked every day. I’m tired of seeing our future threatened. I’m tired of seeing my children’s future extremely threatened, and it’s time to get off the bench and really step up to the plate.”

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