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Coronavirus: Medical student returned from China refuses medical treatment as her family believes only in ‘faith-healing’

The ‘believers’ belonging to certain religious groups, who assert that the healing of disease can be brought about through prayer, are impeding the Government's preparedness to prevent and control coronavirus.
A medical student returned from China’s Wuhan, the epicentre of the Corona outbreak, has refused to undergo further medical check-ups and treatment on the ground that her religious faith forbids her from taking medication.
The family of the student, based in Thrissur district of Kerala, refused permission for admitting her to a hospital to put her under observation. The family gave consent only after 3-hour long discussion with a medical team assigned by the state health minister.
Following the discussion, she has been admitted to an isolated ward. The samples have been collected and sent to the medical lab. Her family members are now also under observation.
According to reports, her family had not responded to the enquiry calls of the medical team.
The girl travelled along with the patient who was infected with Coronavirus. She has symptoms of viral flu. India’s first confirmed case of the novel coronavirus was reported in Kerala. The patient who was infected with Corona was also studying at Wuhan University. 


  1. What does the gov. offer us, instead? Anything? No?

    All of a suddent the gov./Elites are worried about OUR health!
    They're SOOOO worried about us!

    Sounds like they're prepetrating a hoax, wanting the populace to panic. Like sheep.

    1. no doubt they already have a mandatory vaccine all ready to go

  2. Never in the history of the world has praying helped anyone