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FL Bernie Coordinator: Trump Supporters “Not Welcome” On Major College Campus

Grayson Lanza, who was appointed as the Diversity Coordinator for the Student Government Association at the University of Central Florida in 2017, is now leading the grassroots efforts for Bernie Sanders 2020 presidential campaign. Lanza has a past of controversial behavior, including his infamous Facebook post in October of 2016, right before the 2016 elections. Lanza proclaimed that Trump supporters “are not welcome” at UCF, which is the nation’s second largest college.

Lanza would go on to “apologize” for the post by saying he was sorry that his Facebook account wasn’t a “safe space” for people who support Trump. Lanza has also referred to President Trump and his supporters as “KKK / NAZIS / FASCISTS” on numerous occasions since Trump took the 2016 race by storm and won the White House. Lanza was later removed from his role as “Diversity Coordinator”, after the SGA was accused of refusing to fulfill public records requests pertaining to his hiring and role within the SGA.
According to the Orlando Sentinel, he and several dozen supporters of Sanders “self-financed” the opening of an office space in the Orlando area that will be dedicated to volunteer efforts aimed at helping the Vermont Senator claim the Democrat nomination. Also spotted at the office opening? Noted Jew hater and Council on America Islamic Relations linked radical Islamist Rasha Mubarak, who has organized pro-Hezbollah demonstrations in the Downtown Orlando area. For those that don’t know Hezbollah is labeled a terrorist organization. Mubarak is a close friend of Women’s March leader Linda Sarsour.
Sanders has long accepted the patronage and help of alt-left figures like Mubarak and dopey bartender AOC, so his relationship with Grayson Lanza is no surprise. For a campaign and movement of people who claim to be inclusive… they sure don’t seem like it!

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