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Socialist Dictatorship Beats President Juan Guaidó’s Family – Uncle Goes Missing – After Guaidó’s Visit to US and Europe

This week Juan José Marquez, the uncle of the Interim President Juan Guaidó, disappeared.

His disappearance occurred under the responsibility of SENIAT (tax agents) agents who captured and kidnapped him  and took it to another unknown destination
Romina Botaro, wife to President Guaidó’s uncle, told reporters, “He is a pilot and is not a politician, the excuse to stop him is because he was wearing a protective shirt  is missing”.
The forced disappearance is part of the practices uses by the socialist regime to intimidate and then torture people.
The President Guaidó in AN
Florida Senator Rick Scott had this to say about the disappearance of Juan José Marquez, “This is a sign of despair on the part of Maduro’s dictatorship, he knows his time is up, he is a desperate tyrant”.
From the office of the presidency, @Presidencia_Ve  post an international alert was issued on the disappearance of Juan José Marquez.
Austrian government also condemned the kidnapping.
He came with Juan Guaido as a companion on his return flight from the US.

He is kidnapped by the socialist dictatorship, demonstrating his authoritarian character and violation of human rights.


  1. When some gov. stands up to the U.S., and holds firm, the U.S. calls them a "Regime", a dictatorship. AND the mighty U.S. does EVERYTHING to destroy the defiant. Oh, the U.S> has been doing this since the day they deposed the beloved Queen Liliuokalani, of the Hawaiian Kingdom in the early 1900s.

    The U.S. did this with Saddam Hussein, and the much loved Gaddafi, who worked to benefit his people, and better their lives. The U.S. strives to destroy Assad of Syria, and go to Iran. And strives to destroy Venezuela's Maduro, the leader standing up against the U.S.

    If it weren't for the U.S. sanctions against Venezuela, that country would be outstanding in well-being,in ALL WAYS. Instead, its leader is vilified as a Socialist! BECAUSE THE U.S. SAYS SO!

    But we know the U.S. does it because of the HUGE amount of oil in Venezuela. The U.S. WANTS that oil, and will do EVERYTHING and ANYTHING to get it!

    THe U.S. wants the virgin land, also. THe forests for wood, the fresh water, the gold for mines, the gems in the mines, and to give all those Natural Resources into the hands of the International Corporations!

    We, KNOW, the U.S. govs. does NOT care a rat's ass, about the Venezuelans. If the U.S. ever gets hold of Venezuela, the people will remain in the same miserable state, it was responsible for.

    Guaido is a poor puppet of the U.S. and will be a miserable tyrant, ruling the Venezuelans with and iron fist, and having them in the conditions of feudalism.


  2. deserves to beaten . another yankee puppet