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'The fate of the entire country is in the balance': Billy Porter attacks Trump with 'State of the LGBTQ Union'

Actor Billy Porter has shared a message of optimism with the United States hours before Donald Trump was set to take the stage to give the State of the Union.
The "Pose" actor said in the address, which was his second "LGBTQ State of the Union", that the movement for equality and civil rights is strong, even if still attacked.
"Last year, I told you that the state of our union was strong," Porter said. "And while it's certainly been battered, our union is far from broken."
"So far, our nation has survived the first term of Donald Trump," he continued. "But who's to say what another term would do to this country, to democracy and truly to the entire world."
“The fate of the entire country is in the balance,” he later said in the speech. “It sounds dramatic, but if now is not the time for drama, child, when is?”
The address was streamed live on Youtube, Faebook and Twitter acconts for the LGBTQ brand Logo, which is owned by ViacomCBS.
During the 8-minute speech, the actor stood before a glass podium, flanked on either side by a gay pride flag and a US flag.
Porter's address is just one among many alternate State of the Union speeches that will be given on Tuesday before and after the president's own speech.
The Democratic Party is also providing an alternative, which will be delivered by Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer.


  1. Sex is about procreation. Gay sex does not produce a baby. Therefore it's a perversion. What you do in your own bedroom is your business. But parading it around like it's normal. Sorry to tell you. It's not. Keep it to yourself. It's called decency.

  2. Why would a rational country promote practices which produce 65 times the AIDS; ten times the suicide; a world of immune disease; early death and Lord only knows what other UNHEALTH and human misery.

    Perhaps a country committing, with the help of its masters, Suicide.