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“There Will Be More Coming” – President Trump Responds to Reporters on Filing a Libel Suit Against the New York Times (VIDEO)

President Trump held a press conference on Wednesday evening on the US government response to the coronavirus threat.
During the press conference President Trump announced that Vice President Mike Pence will lead the US response to the coronavirus.
President Trump was confident in the US response to handle a possible outbreak here in the United States.
During questioning President Trump was asked about his campaign’s lawsuit filed against The New York Times.
President Trump responded saying there will be more coming.
President Trump: Frankly they’ve gotten a lot wrong over the last couple of years. So we’ll see how, let that work its way through the courts. If you read it you’ll see it’s beyond an opinion. It’s comething much more than an opinion. They did a bad thing. And there’ll be more coming.
Via M3thods:

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