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Watch Pushover Bloomberg Stand Idly by as Harvey Weinstein Cracks Crude Sex Joke

Mike Bloomberg’s 2020 Democratic presidential campaign website claims the billionaire former New York City mayor is “passionate” about women’s rights.
But video footage shows that he was unable or unwilling to stand up to notorious Hollywood bully and alleged sexual predator Harvey Weinstein.
The clip comes from the June 2013 Made in NY Awards, a celebration of New York’s film and entertainment industries.
As mayor of New York City during the 2013 awards, Bloomberg played a central role in the ceremony.
Bloomberg, flanked by Katherine Oliver, then the commissioner of the Mayor’s Office of Media & Entertainment, introduced Bob and Harvey Weinstein, each of whom were being honored, so they could deliver brief remarks.
aAlthough Bob’s speech was mild, his older brother Harvey’s wasn’t.
“The reason Bob and I became fond of independent foreign films is because when we were 14-year-old boys and our hormones were raging, we saw an ad for the Mayfair movie theater,” the elder Weinstein told the crowd, “and had no idea where it was.”
“And it said ‘The 400 Blows,’ and we thought that was something else.”
The cringe-worthy “punchline” caused some laughs in the audience, but not everybody was entertained by the dirty humor.
Behind Weinstein, Oliver turned to Bloomberg, and what did this champion of women’s rights and dignity do?
Absolutely nothing.
Bloomberg appeared to glance around the room in awkward silence as Weinstein reveled in the crowd’s attention. The mayor would remains silent for the rest of the clip.
The full video is below:

According to AdWeek, Harvey Weinstein’s story may have been real.
Harvey has claimed that the teenage Weinstein boys mistakenly thought “The 400 Blows” was a pornographic film, and when it turned out to be an actual cinematic work, the duo become more engrossed than ever before with the movie world.
Despite the obvious tension Weinstein’s story caused in the room, Bloomberg seemingly failed to act on it.
The timing of Bloomberg’s failure could not have come at a more crucial time. Months before the summer awards ceremony, Weinstein allegedly sexually assaulted a young actress.
It took until 2020 for her story to make it to court. Lauren Young, the actress making the accusation, testified days ago about her horrific encounter with the infamous film producer, according to the Los Angeles Times.
If Bloomberg becomes president, he’ll have to contend with bullies on the world stage that make Weinstein himself look like a pushover.
Is this really who the Democrats want fighting for America’s future?

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  1. This BS and clickbait. Go find another video to replace this one. I despise Weinstein and Bloomberg.