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WOW! Actual Title at Washington Post: “To Fix the Primaries, Let the Elites Decide”

This is what they think of you.
This is what Democrat elites think of the voters.
They hate you. They despise you. And they demand they make all of the decisions for you.
On Wednesday the Washington Post ran an oped by Julia Azari.
The article was titled: To fix the primaries, let the elites decide.
But after they posted this outrageous title the elitists changed it to something less inflammatory.
“It’s time to give the elites a bigger say in choosing the president.”

But this still revealed the liberal elite’s plan for America so they tweaked it again.
“It’s time fo switch to preference primaries.”
These people are shameless.

It is stunning that the original headline made it through their layers of editors who thought it was just fine.

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