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Baltimore Mayor Pleads With Gangs To Stop Shooting Each Other, Hospital Beds Needed For Coronavirus Patients

In the democrat-run, rat infested, crime ridden, third world s***hole city of Baltimore, Mayor Jack Young is begging people to stop shooting each other, as hospital resources are needed to treat coronavirus patients. 
Baltimore Mayor Jack Young urged residents to put down their guns and heed orders to stay home after multiple people were shot Tuesday night amidst the coronavirus pandemic.
Young said hospital beds are needed to treat positive COVID-19 patients and not for senseless violence. Seven people were shot Tuesday night in the Madison Park neighborhood, as Baltimore reported its fifth positive coronavirus case Wednesday.
“I want to reiterate how completely unacceptable the level of violence is that we have seen recently,” Young said. “We will not stand for mass shootings and an increase in crime.”
“For those of you who want to continue to shoot and kill people of this city, we’re not going to tolerate it,” Young implored. “We’re going to come after you and we’re going to get you.”
He urged people to put down their guns because “we cannot clog up our hospitals and their beds with people that are being shot senselessly because we’re going to need those beds for people infected with the coronavirus. And it could be your mother, your grandmother or one of your relatives. So take that into consideration.”
Commissioner Michael Harrison said the city has seen an uptick in violent crimes since Friday, including a mass shooting Tuesday night — where seven people were shot. Five people were transported to area hospitals via medics and two took private cars to the hospitals for treatment. All seven are in serious but stable condition.
Baltimore has one of the highest crime rates in the nation. The city had seen consistently declining crime rates since the early 1990’s, until the crazed leftists started rioting over Freddie Gray in 2015. Since then there has been a massive increase in homicides and other violent crimes. In 2011 they had 193 homicides. In 2019 they had 348 homicides. Baltimore currently has the 3rd highest rate of violent crime and 2nd highest murder rate of all cities with 200,000 or more residents.