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Biden Claims “Over 20 Million People” Have Watched His Livestreams… But Only 632 People Watched His Coronavirus Town Hall on YouTube (VIDEO)

Joe Biden told NBC’s Chuck Todd on Sunday that “over 20 million people” have watched his livestreams as he moves to a digital campaign from his Delaware home.
But no one is buying it.
Only 632 people on Friday watched Biden’s Coronavirus town hall with nurses, firefighters and emergency medical technicians on YouTube.
Perhaps if Biden adds up all of the appearances he has made on CNN, NBC etc he may have more viewers, but his livestream Coronavirus briefings and town halls are a total bust.
Biden even wandered off camera as he blathered on about the Amazon forest.
But millions are clamoring to watch old Joe. That’s believable.
People just aren’t buying Biden’s claims.

The Fox News special with President Trump and members of his Coronavirus task force on Tuesday was the highest rated town hall in the history of cable news.
The virtual town hall had 4,409,000 viewers between 12:00 and 2:00 p.m. according to ratings from Nielsen. It also has over a million views on YouTube.

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