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CBS Shuts NYC Offices After Two Employees Test Positive For Coronavirus

A CBS studio in Manhattan closed after two employees tested positive for Coronavirus. 
CBS confirmed on Wednesday that two people had contracted COVID-19 and instructed all individuals to leave the building and work remotely for the “next two days while the buildings are cleaned and disinfected.”
“We have learned that two employees – one working on the 5th floor of the 513 building of the Broadcast Center and another on the 9th floor of the 55 West 57th Street — tested positive for Coronavirus (COVID-19),” read a statement provided by CBS.
CBS announced they will clean both buildings before readmitting staff on Monday. “We know this is disruptive but your safety is a top priority,” added CBS in the statement.
President Trump addressed the nation on the Coronavirus pandemic from the White House Wednesday evening.
President Trump announced a 30 day ban on flights from Europe.
Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases testified to the House Oversight and Reform Committee on Wednesday about a Coronavirus vaccine that is entering phase one.
Dr. Fauci told Congress that Phase 1 of creating a Coronavirus vaccine is happening faster than “anyone has ever done” in history.

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