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China Expert Gordan Chang: China Is Attacking US Dollar and Already Blaming US for Global Depression (VIDEO)

Author and China expert Gordan Chang from the Gatestone Institute joined Lou Dobbs on Wednesday night following the latest market plunge. 
Chang says China is pushing anti-US propaganda in its most authoritative publication in the country. China is attacking the US dollar and already blaming the US for a global depression.
Gordan Chang: The Global Times which is run by the Communist Party’s People’s Daily which is the most authoritative publication in China, has been intimating these last 3 or 4 days that China will not go forward with the Phase 1 Trade Deal because it can’t honor its two hundred billion dollar commitment. Also Lou in the last two days, yesterday China attacked the dollar in a very rhetorical piece in the Global Times. Today they suggested the world is going into a depression because of the US. So they’re now trying to collapse the American economy.


  1. "Today they suggested the world is going into a depression because of the US."

    Gee, what's there to object to in that?

    It's just a fact.

  2. Yeah , we should believe US laying MSM like we did with "Saddam has Nukes and Chemicals (remember Antrax?) Much more credible is the China's media , than US MSM Propaganda Machine