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Every Single Female Senator Walked Out During Vote on Utah Pro-Life Bill

Well, this is a good look, now, isn’t it?
In the immortal vein of “safe, legal and rare,” every single Utah female state senator walked out of the chamber in the midst of a vote Tuesday on an abortion-related bill.
While the lawmakers say the move wasn’t intended to draw attention to themselves, the two Republicans and four Democrats didn’t actually make a difference in the bill’s passage.
It still cleared the upper chamber 16-7, with five Republican men voting against it, according to The Associated Press reported.
Republican state Sen. Deidre Henderson said the bill went too far, referring to it as “invasive.”
The bill mandates “showing a woman images and making the fetal heartbeat audible, if possible,” before she gets an abortion, according to the AP. “Women now get an ultrasound before the procedure, but providers aren’t required to show them the results. Doctors could be subject to fines of $100,000 or more if they perform the procedure without showing an ultrasound.”
Republican state Sen. Curtis Bramble, who sponsored the legislation, was a voice of reason, telling the the Deseret News: “If you are going to take the life of a child, if you are willing to terminate that life through an abortion, it seems appropriate that you get the best information about the development, the stage of development, heartbeat — we are talking about a human being.”
But state Sen. Luz Escamilla, a Democrat, apparently didn’t want to listen to common sense:
Love my sisters in the Senate ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
A spontaneous decision not planned of sisterhood against the invasive nature of HB 364
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Very spontaneous, I’m sure.
Anyway, here was the general opinion among Twitter’s liberal denizens:
So, what else is there to be said here?
Congratulations for abortion-on-demand, folks, and not just the garden-variety version.
Even with that pious prayer-circle-in-reverse, nobody on the left is fooling anyone about what this fight is about.
This is all about abortion when it’s demanded, who it’s demanded by and where it’s demanded by, whether it be in New York state or Utah.

Think this isn’t the face of abortion in 2020? Think again.


  1. This entire issue is about one thing. Money. Massive amounts of CA$H produced by the Abortions Industry. Trafficking in human organs and fetal tissue.

    1. All true but lets not forget the MAIN reason, Depopulation.

  2. I don't know what has gotten into the heads of Women today. Especially Women in political circles that seem to be all of one mine - it's my way or the highway, whether it murders a life or not.