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“Hell Is Coming!” – Hedge Fund Manager Bill Ackman Goes on TV, Touts Panic, Gets Everyone Scared, Markets Tank and He Walks Away with $2.6 Billion

Hedge Fund Smash and Grab! 
Last week American hedge fund boss Bill Ackman created a panic by urging President Trump to shut down the borders, “Hell is coming!”
During his interview with CNBC Ackman created panic by pushing the lie that the virus kills 1-2% of people and 3-4% of people in China.
He told CNBC in a shaky voice that, “This thing can spread everywhere!… 50% of the world is going to get infected! I just rolled this thing forward and said it’s just a matter of time!”
Bill Ackman also posted several horrified tweets about the coronavirus. 
Now we know he was betting against the markets — while pushing an end of the world scenario on Twitter and TV.
Bill Ackman announced today he made $2.6 billion from a one-off bet that the coronavirus would cause a global panic.

The Daily Mail reported:
American hedge fund boss Bill Ackman has made $2.6 billion by betting against the markets just days after stoking fears by saying ‘hell is coming’ and begging President Donald Trump to shut down the country amid the coronavirus pandemic.
The Pershing Square Capital Management hedge fund manager said his firm had made $2.6billion from a one-off bet that the coronavirus outbreak would cause a global market crash.
His firm seized upon bond market turmoil during the coronavirus crisis in buying ‘credit protection on various global investment grade and high-yield credit indices’.
The bet, which was designed to protect Pershing Square Capital Management from falling stock markets triggered by the pandemic, saw his firm make almost 100 times its initial $27million investment.
The firm completed the transaction on March 23.
The enormous return came barely a week after Ackman gave an emotional television interview claiming ‘hell is coming’ for American business.
Ackman told CNBC on March 18 that ‘hell is coming’.
He urged American business to stop share buybacks and to preserve cash.
‘America will end as we know it. I’m sorry to say so, unless we take this option,’ he warned.

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