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“I Wish He Was Younger, But He’s the Best We Got” – Joe Biden Supporters at Texas Rally Admit They’re Concerned About His Many Mental Lapses (VIDEO)

Laura Ingraham sent Raymond Arroyo to interview Biden supporters at his rally at Gilly’s in North Texas on Monday night.
Former candidates Amy Klobuchar and Beto O’Rourke endorsed Joe Biden from the stage on Monday night before the Super Tuesday primaries.
Outside the venue Raymond Arroyo interviewed several Biden supporters about his numerous mental lapses.
Joe Biden clearly has issues with dementia and it is more obvious as the election season continues.
The Biden supporters all admitted they are concerned about the mental lapses but will support him anyway. One supporter said, “I wish he was younger but he’s the best we got.”
Fired up.

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  1. Biden is 77. Bernie and Bloomie are both 78. Trump is only 73. When Trump finishes his next term, he will still be younger than Bernie and Bloomie are today and the same age as Biden is today. Democrats are going crazy. Will they let the homeless continue to urinate and defecate in public thus spreading coronavirus to Seattle, SF, LA?