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Ilhan Omar Announces Marriage to Her Political Strategist — And He’s Not a Brother!

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) announced on Wednesday that she married her political strategist.

This is her fourth marriage.

Ilhan just divorced her third husband back in November. 
Ilhan denied dating Tim Mynett at first and funneled tens of thousands in campaign funds to him.
Now they’re married.
That worked out well for them! 
Ilhan took custody of the kids back in November. 

According to reports Ilhan Omar’s first and third husband Ahmed Hirsi walked in on her and her lover Tim Mynett while the two were lounging around in their pajamas.

Ahmed Hirsi made a surprise visit from Minnesota to see his wife in Washington DC.
The surprise was on him!

Now Ilhan and Mynett are blissfully married.
The New York Post reported:
Rep. Ilhan Omar’s ex-husband learned of her alleged affair with her chief fundraiser when he walked in on the two lounging around her apartment in pajamas  — and the jilted hubby will be paid tens of thousands of dollars to stay silent, according to a report.
Ahmed Hirsi made the shocking discovery last spring, during a surprise visit to his then-wife’s Washington, DC apartment from Minnesota, where he was living with their three children, the Daily Mail reported.
“It’s wasn’t that he actually caught them in bed,” a source told the Mail of Hirsi walking in on Omar and her chief fundraiser Tim Mynett, who was also married at the time.
“But they were clearly in a romantic situation,” the source said of the pajama-clad lovers.
The cuckolded Hirsi’s family then joined with Omar’s family in reaching a financial settlement that bars him from speaking publicly about the breakup, the Mail reported, citing unnamed sources.
Ilhan Omar was funneling thousands in campaign funds to this latest lover before their marriage. 


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