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MUST SEE VIDEO: Hospital in China Refuses to Admit Coronavirus Patient to Keep “New Cases” at Zero – So Irate Family Starts Fight with Hospital Staff

The ChiComs are reporting no new cases of the Coronavirus and expecting the world to believe they have taken care of the problem. 
Searing headlines on Thursday claimed the United States surpassed China with most confirmed cases of Coronavirus.
But the truth is, China is simply refusing to admit Coronavirus patients in order to keep a “zero new case” record.
China is hiding their real number of cases. Never trust Communists.
Upset family members started a fight with hospital staff after they refused to admit a loved one with symptoms of Coronavirus.
Check out these long lines outside a funeral home in Wuhan.

According to Jennifer Zeng, it was said some families have accepted 3000 yuan ($421) allowance from the government, on the condition that they would bury their loved ones quietly without crying or talking about it.
There are still videos from this week showing people falling down on the ground in China.
This video is from Dongguan City in Guangdong province.
No one even dared approach the man to help him because hospitals are no longer helping patients with the Coronavirus.

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