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Nurse Who Works At Planned Parenthood: I ‘Work With A Smile’

A registered nurse who works at Planned Parenthood in New York boasts in a published article that she is “proud to be an abortion provider” and works “with a smile.”
Sunoz Soroosh, who noted her article was published on National Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers, writes in Rewire, “Every day, I walk through the doors of the Planned Parenthood health center where I work with a smile, often singing along to a song playing on my headphones. Many find this surprising considering there are usually anti-abortion protesters outside the health center taunting me and my patients or trying to convince me to ‘find a better job.’ They fail to realize I’m proud to be an abortion provider who puts patients first.”
Soroosh posits that her work has given her “clinical skills to pursue a higher education” as well as “the confidence to support patients during a deeply personal experience.”
After opining, “Abortion is health care, and health care is a fundamental human right that needs to be accessible for everyone,” Soroosh segues to claiming racism and economic inequalities “block people from getting vital health care—including safe, legal abortion care.”
She continues, “Women, especially women of color, transgender men, and gender-nonconforming people, suffer the most from these systemic injustices that are exacerbated by lawmakers who oppose abortion rights.”
Then she launches into an attack on the Trump administration:
Unfortunately, the Trump administration, through its domestic “gag rule,” has forced health-care providers to stop offering a full range of reproductive health options if they are to continue receiving Title X family planning funding. That means Title X recipients can’t refer patients for abortion care even if that’s the option they want.
Soroosh writes, “People must have the freedom to decide on their own if, when, and with whom to have a family, without interference from politicians or anti-abortion extremists fixated on stripping people of their bodily autonomy. I trust my patients to make their own sexual and reproductive health-care decisions, and in return, they trust me to be honest and deliver care with dignity and respect. I will never cower from my vow to my patients or my community.”
She concludes, “Being an abortion provider is more than a job for me. It’s a deeply personal commitment to helping people prioritize their health care needs and determine the future they want. Providers are here, protecting the lives and health of millions of people and their families—and we will be here for generations to come.”
As The Heritage Foundation noted in January 2019 following Planned Parenthood’s annual report covering 2017-2018:
Planned Parenthood performed 332,757 abortions during the reported year, the most the abortion giant has reported since 2011-2012. In contrast, non-abortion services have declined significantly. Planned Parenthood reported a decrease in the provision of various services in 2017-2018, including:
  • 570,444 breast exams and pap tests, down from 617,677 in 2016-2017.
  • 614,361 cancer screenings and prevention procedures, down from 660,777 in 2016-2017.
  • 216,722 well-woman exams, down from 235,355 in 2016-2017.
  • 2,620,867 provisions of birth control information and services, down from 2,701,866 in 2016-2017.
  • 2,831 adoption referrals, down from 3,889 in 2016-2017.


  1. She won't be singing ANY song on Judgement Day as she is cast into the Lake of Fire for her participation in murdering unborn PEOPLE.

  2. good for her. she understands women far better than the nosey pro lifers do.