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NY Times Doxxes James O’Keefe’s Wedding in Hit Piece on Erik Prince …Update

The far left New York Times published a hit piece on Erik Prince and James O’Keefe on Saturday morning.
In the article The New York Times reveals the founder of the security company Academi is recruiting former American and British spies for secretive intelligence-gathering operations on corrupt liberal organizations and campaigns.
The New York Times even identified former MI6 officer Richard Seddon as an operative for Erik Prince in an alleged operation in a Michigan office of the American Federation of Teachers, a far left teacher’s union.
In their article The New York Times released information on James O’Keefe’s upcoming wedding and mentions that Donald Trump Jr. is on the attendee list.
Via Jack Posobiec.
Of course, by doing this they are opening up the wedding by a top conservative leader to possible attacks.
This is truly irresponsible.
We are not including the link to the wedding page in our article.

It is clear at this point that the national mainstream media is now a branch of the Democrat Party.
Update: Much of the material in the NY Times piece is very old. We reached out to James O’Keefe for comment. We will update if we hear anything.

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