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OMG! Joe Biden Introduces His WIFE as His SISTER! — The Hope of the Democrat Party! (VIDEO)

It was a good night for Joe Biden.
He didn’t sniff any hair.
BUT… He did confuse his wife for his sister.
It happens to the best of us… right?
They’re putting all their money on Joe.


  1. people voting for this to be in office are the real deplorables
    fuk them

  2. Among Democrats, only one candidate, Joe Biden, has his legacy already assured as America's history "hands on President."...Go figure...

  3. This day will live in infamy. The US is now at WAR with...
    Oh crap who are we at war with?

  4. President Joe in his late 70's will suddenly die of Cronavirus linked disease making way for his VP Hillary Rodham Clinton to become the first . . .