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Pete Buttigieg Reportedly Called Joe Biden Before Dropping Out But Called the Wrong Number – Here Is What He Said…

Former Mayor Pete Buttigieg suspended his campaign for president on Sunday night.
The openly gay candidate dropped out after his dismal results in South Carolina.
But before Pete dropped he reportedly made a call to Joe Biden.
But he accidentally dialed the wrong number.
ALX reported.
The original post with the call was later taken down from Instagram.
The account is now set to private.
ALX told The Gateway Pundit the original Instagram post had Pete’s number identified in the post.
Here is what was said:
Hi, it’s Pete Buttigieg calling for the vice president. I wanted to see if I could catch him for a couple of minutes to share some news about our plans. My number is — — —-. I’ll also send a text message to this number for my number…
So what was Mayor Pete going to discuss with Joe Biden?
Possible VP?

This guy wanted to be president — but left his phone number on some random guy’s phone.
Democrats have a difficult time with numbers.

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