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Piers Morgan Apologizes After Blasting Teenage 'Anti-Greta' on His Show: 'She Was Quite Right'

“Good Morning Britain” host Piers Morgan apologized after clashing with a 19-year-old activist on his show Wednesday morning.
Naomi Seibt, who calls herself the “anti-Greta Thunberg,” told Morgan and his co-host Susanna Reid that she became involved in the movement because she “wanted to get to know the science behind climate change and what’s really going on.”
“After a while, I came to the conclusion that in fact most of the claims made by the activists you see aren’t really based on scientific research at all but just on some kinds of climate models,” she said.
Morgan and the activist clashed when he asked her if she believed the planet was heating up “at a dangerous rate.”

When Seibt responded that she did not believe it, the host interrupted her.
“If you don’t mind me saying, that is a clear demonstrable fact, supported by 2,000 of the world’s leading scientists,” Morgan said.
“With all due respect to you, I get that you want to have the publicity of the ‘anti-Greta’ and so on, but that is a fact that can’t be disputed by anybody who should be taken seriously in this debate. It’s just a fact.”
Seibt tried to point out that while she agreed there “may be some amount of global warming,” that wasn’t the question Morgan had asked her. The host said that he had only asked her if the planet was heating up.
After Morgan received criticism on Twitter, he came back after a commercial break and apologized to Seibt and his viewers, Express reported.
“I just want to be fair to one of our guests, Naomi,” he said. “When I said to her ‘Is the planet heating up?’ and didn’t say at a dangerous rate, all the viewers are saying that I did say, ‘Is it heating up at a dangerous rate?'”
“So if that is the case then she was quite right to push back on that,” he added.

Seibt has criticized Greta Thunberg and her followers for not conducting enough research on the subject of climate change.
“I think it’s fantastic when young people decide to become activists and protest for something that they are truly passionate about and they can truly stand behind and believe in,” she said earlier in the interview.
“But the main problem that I see is that most of them have not really done their research so I became interested in climate change because I wanted to get to know the science behind climate change and what’s really going on and what effected the C02 emissions actually have on the atmosphere.”

A new study led by Cardiff University has found that climate change has risen to the second most important issue facing the U.K. in the next 20 years, following the issue of Brexit.

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