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SUPER LOSE DAY: Elizabeth Warren Not Only Loses Massachusetts But Comes In THIRD

Elizabeth Warren’s 2020 presidential campaign has now entered dangerous territory.
In a stunning and embarrassing upset, she not only lost Massachusetts – the state she represents in the Senate – but she came in third place.
That is not good news for her or her supporters.
The Associated Press reports: 
Warren’s future uncertain after loss in home state of Mass.
The future of Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign was in serious doubt after she finished a surprisingly weak third in Tuesday’s Democratic primary in her home state of Massachusetts.
The disappointing result in the state she represents and a decidedly underwhelming showing in other Super Tuesday contests — she had built an impressive campaign infrastructure stretching across much of the country — marked a striking collapse for the onetime favorite of progressives who was known for having a plan for nearly everything.
On top of mediocre showings in the first four contests — she never finished higher than third place — Warren trailed significantly in the delegate count. Tuesday’s results could speed her exit from the race.
Warren finished behind former Vice President Joe Biden, who won the Massachusetts primary, and fellow progressive Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who attracted 10,000-plus people to a rally last weekend on Boston Common — mere miles from Warren’s home near Harvard University.
How does Warren stay in the race after this?
Elizabeth Warren just lost her home state of Massachusetts.

How can she stay in the race after such an embarrassing defeat?
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Elizabeth Warren ought to seriously think about resigning from her Massachusetts Senate seat.

Her home state delivered a resounding vote of no confidence.
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Tonight's results make clear that very little unites Dems, except of course their sea-to-shining-sea hatred of Elizabeth Warren.
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Elizabeth Warren will finish third in her home state. She won't win one state on Super Tuesday.

It's so beyond over.
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Will she drop out?


  1. Pocahontas the best Presidential Candidate career kill shot of all time.

  2. Look at her. She is a nut job. Who wants to vote for a nut job? Just the other nut job.

  3. Of course she lost. She failed to garner the American Indian vote.