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UN Confirms 51 Employees Have Tested Positive for Coronavirus Worldwide

The United Nations has confirmed that 51 of their employees have tested positive for the coronavirus worldwide.

UN spokesperson Stephane Dujarric announced the number during a press briefing on Tuesday.
“The latest numbers of UN staff throughout the system that have confirmed is 51,” Dujarric said when asked about UN employees being affected by the Chinese virus.
Dujarric said UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres will be lowering the amount of time he spends at the United Nations headquarters in New York City and work from home at least part of the time. There are usually approximately 11,000 people working from that building, but that number has dropped to around 130 as all non-essential staff have been told to telecommute.
The UN has also decided to use video conferencing instead of holding meetings in person in an effort to comply with social distancing orders. Dujarric said G20 leaders are expected to hold a virtual meeting on Thursday.
He also encouraged countries to waive sanctions on others to allow delivery of food, health supplies, medical equipment and support.
“This is the time for solidarity not exclusion,” he said.

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